How to pay by credit card via Paypal

1. You should receive your invoices by e-mail as follows:

2. Hopefully, when you registered, you kept your setup e-mail.
Find the the details on your administrative account and password, as follows:

3. To log into your administrative account, use your web browser
to go to
http://<yourdomain.com>/admin (type in your domain name
without the < and >) and enter your login name and password.
If you have forgotten the password, it is possible to have
the system generate a new password and send it to you by e-mail.

4. In the control panel, select Billing Manager | Payments Form.
If your billing name and address is not already filled in, then please
do so.  Fill in the amount to be paid and click
Pay Now.


5. You will be redirected to the PayPal credit card/payment system on the Internet.
This is the most popular Internet payment gateway and is operated by eBay.com.
There is no signup fee or monthly fee. It supports multiple currencies.

Once you have your paypal account you will be able to make subsequent payments to us
and other web sites easily.

Indeed you would be able to set up 'merchant' capability
to sell things on your web site and receive payments the same way we do.

6. If you already have a paypal account, simply log in. If not, click on the
Click Here
button for those who do not have an account.

7. When registering, you will see the following screen. Enter the information that matches
the name and address on your credit card bills.


8. Once you have registered, you will be able to confirm your payment to us.
The currency setting should match our .com (USD), .ca (CAD) or .uk (GBP) hosting services, but
you may change it and convert to a currency of your choice, such as Euros (EUR).
The ship-to address can be left as the default, although we won't be shipping you anything
for hosting! Add any additional note and click Pay.

9. You should see the payment confirmation as follows. Click


12. You should be returned to the administrative control panel in Hosting Controller,
to see the payment details.

13.  If it has timed out, you can always return to the control panel using your web browser
to go to
http://<yourdomain.com>/admin and log in again.

14. In the control panel, select Billing Manager | Transaction Statement.
Show report. To see all transactions, select a From date well in the past,
and click
Show Report.  You should see that your transaction is paid and
that your running balance is now zero.

15. You can select the Trans. Id for today's payment and click on Payment/Invoice Detail
and see the details of your payment as follows:


16. Check your e-mail account (the e-mail address that matches your paypal login id).
You should receive an e-mail showing that payment has been successful.


17. You will receive an e-mail from paypal asking you to 'activate' the account for
      subsequent use.
Click here to activate your account.

18.  Using your Web browser you can log back into
http://www.paypal.com to see the payment history and
status of your account.

19. Congratulations. You're done!
Log out of paypal and out of the control panel.





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